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About Syncro Medical Innovations
Syncro Medical Innovations, Inc. was founded in Macon, Georgia 1998 and transitioned to Youngstown, Ohio from 2006 to 2012. The first generation feeding tube ( Magnaflow) utilized a hand held external magnet to steer the feeding tube into the distal duodenum. The feeding tube had a small magnet embedded at its distal end. The second generation feeding tube was enhanced by the addition of a magnetically activated sensor switch near the tube’s distal end and a light indicator at the proximal end. The third generation feeding tube ( Syncro Blue Tube) was improved by re-locating the tube distal end magnets to the removable stylet.

Now in its fourth generation, the Gabriel Feeding Tube with Balloon incorporates a small balloon at the tube’s distal end that allows the tube to advance post-pyloric via peristalsis. This eliminates the need for the external steering magnet and the tube distal end magnet. Inflation of the balloon at mid-esophagus provides confirmation that the tube is inserted in the esophagus, not in the trachea, by observing no decline in pulse oximetry.

The Gabriel Feeding Tube with Balloon is available with ENFit® connector that is compliant with ISO 80963-3 standard. A convenience kit is provided with all needed accessories.
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 Dr. Sabry A. Gabriel - President, Inventor

Dr. Gabriel is an orthopedic surgeon as well as a primary care physian, and is the inventor of the Gabriel Blue Tube. It was his vision and ability to bring ground-breaking innovation to the development of medical devices that provided the foundation upon which Syncro Medical Innovations was built.

Dr. Gabriel has several successful inventions, across various disciplines, that are helping to speed the recovery of patients. He is a professor at the Mercer University School of Medicine and The Medical Center of Central Georgia, Macon, Georgia.